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Wood briquettes are made by grinding wood shavings and sawdust into a homogeneous pulp and forming this into a briquette under very high pressure. Pressing releases one of the natural components of wood lignin which has the property of becoming liquid at high pressure (temperature) and, as it subsequently cools, it binds the wood together in its new form.
Birch sawdust which used in manufacture of our briquettes provides the best calorific value in comparison with wood briquettes made from soft wood (coniferous and etc.)
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Results of the test of wood briquettes:

1. Moisture content, %------------------------ 6%
2. Ash content, % ----------------------------- 0,3%
3. Sulphur S, % ----------------------------- < 0,01
4. Net calorific value(on dry basis), Mj/kg -- 19,7 Mj/kg
Kilocalorie/kg ---------------------------------- 4700 kilocalorie/kg

Wood briquettes are sealed in polyethylene bags and completely protected from water and moisture.
One package of wood briquettes has 12 brick pieces with size 65*155*95 mm. Such package has the following dimensions: length 400mm, width 200mm, thickness 155mm.
Weight of each package is 10 kg.
Briquettes are stacked on the pallet - 96 packings on the pallet and wrapped up by a plastic tape (1 pallet - 96 packs - 960kg).
The minimum order - one truck include 22 pallets of wood briquettes (22 pallets - 2112 packs of wood briquettes).

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Usage of briquettes:

Wood briquettes have wide application and can be used for all kinds stoves, boilers, perfectly burn in fireplaces and furnaces, grills and so forth.
Wood briquettes made of pure birch sawdust. On calorific value wood briquettes more than in 1,5 times are better (on 1 kg of weight) than dry birch firewood (4700 kkal/kg - wood briquettes and 2800-2900 kkal/kg - dry birch firewood). Burning of one packing of briquettes (10 kg) will give more heat and will burn much longer than one 40L bag of dry birch firewood (weight 15-16 kg).
During burning wood briquettes do not throw out sparks that optimum for use in open fireplaces in houses.
In the closed furnaces by adjusting submission of airflow to the place of burning allows to reach time of burning of one party of briquettes up to 4 hours.
Positive aspect at use of wood briquettes as fuel is their minimal influence on an environment at combustion in comparison with classical solid fuel at identical calorific value as, for example coal, but in 20 times the smaller contents of ashes (max 0.5 %).
Remember that briquettes expand during combustion - don�t fill the fire place quite up.

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