Our company produce wood briquettes RUF and kiln dried firewood. Being working mainly with the Norwegian, Swedish and Danish customers since year 2001 we've got big experience in producing of the quality products.
We have big production capacities located in an ecologically clean region in the north-west Russia, convenient location and experience in the transportation allows us to offer good prices for our products delivered to your place. Please check our price offer.

Firewood (kiln dried) Firewood
Firewood according to Norwegian Standard NS 4414: Logs are 30cm long, all logs splitted, moisture not higher than 20%, packed in mesh bags.

Wood Briquettes Wood Briquetts
Wood briquettes are produced by pressing dry birch sawdust without admixture.
Briquettes are packed in plastic bags 10 kg.
Wood Briquetts

Delivery Delivery
We deliver our products to Scandinavia and Central Europe by trucks, we also offer a good price for our products delivered to your nearest port.

Youtube channel Delivery
Video files from the production places and places of loading 

Youtube channel

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